Танго на Волге. Саратов
Клуб 'Танго на Волге'. Саратов Клуб 'Танго на Волге'. Саратов Клуб Танго на Волге. Саратов
Tango Volga Club. Saratov
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Марина Шевченко. Marina Shevchenko

Marina Shevchenko. Tango Volga Club

My life has not been concerned with dances. I have loved music (I studied at musical school some years), movement. With a tango I have got acquainted unexpectedly when i recieved the invitation to presentation of tango on an e-mail from the unknown person for me in that time.Her name is Lyudmila Medvedeva.

The beauty, elegance and sensuality of tango shook me! Conversation without words,the ability to hear other person at deep level - all it could not leave indifferent.

Lyudmila has suggested me to teach after a while. It was necessary for me to study many new things to do it. It is interesting, I am opened to the new.

My teachers: Lyudmila Medvedeva, Elvira Malishevskaja, Metin Jazir, Ozhan and Serkan, Irina Petrichenko, Jose Almar, Vyacheslav Ivanov and Olga Leonova.

I am grateful to them infinitely! And I wish to acquaint people with the tango world which is very live and sincere!

Танго в Саратове
Танго на Волге Танго на Волге. Саратов Танго на Волге